Disrupt Dance Summit

Disrupting professional development for dance educators

The Disrupt Dance Summit is revolutionising professional development for dance educators.


A chance to listen. A chance to learn. A chance to explore new possibilities.


The Summit is all about amplifying voices that are disrupting the status quo and are making changes for the better. Hear from practitioners, researchers, studio owners and teachers doing things differently with great results.


With presentations, practical workshops and panels, the Summit is all about giving you ways to make your dance teaching practice more progressive, more equitable and more enjoyable for all.


The inaugural 2021 Summit was a great success and we are excited to invite you all to join us again this year. Follow us on socials to stay connected and be the first to find out more about the 2022 Summit.

Is the Summit for me?

If you’re working in the dance sector as an educator, performer, practitioner, researcher or in any way, then the Summit is for you. 


The Summit was created as a way to begin disrupting our echo chambers. We want more people challenging accepted norms in dance education and pushing for more progressive ways of teaching, learning, thinking about and doing dance. This will never happen when we’re hearing from the same speakers again and again. So the Summit will be highlighting and amplifying the voices of advocates, innovators and people working on the frontlines of radical dance education practice.

When and where is it?

The Disrupt Dance Summit will be held live online on Friday 2nd September (AEST). 

Will it be live or recorded?

All sessions are recorded and available to view later – perfect for studio owners who want to get their team together for a training session but can’t make the live event.


After the “watch it later” period, the videos will be taken down.




The Summit features other speakers and we want to respect their labour and intellectual property. We encourage you to learn at the Summit then reach out to the speakers directly to learn more from them!


All participants will get a Summit conference booklet with details about the presentations, speakers and details on how to learn more from these awesome minds.

Who will be presenting?

The summit will feature sessions from experts, researchers, practitioners, studio owners and teachers all in one place giving you the latest and most progressive insights into dance education.


Last year we had sessions on power dynamics in dance, inclusive dance nutrition, adaptive perfectionism for dancers, emotional and cultural intelligences through African modern dance, centering people and forms of colour in dance spaces, and creating inclusive and respectful spaces for women breakers – just to name a few!


Right now, we’re currently taking applications for presenters. If you’re disrupting dance then we want to hear from you, so keep scrolling to find out more. 

“This is the dance conference I have been waiting for….forever, thank you so so much!”



Want to present at the Summit?

Does your work, research, or teaching practice challenge the status quo?


Are you doing things differently to positively impact dance education?


Are you actively engaged in changing the way we think about and do dance?


Does your teaching or approach build bridges or break down barriers?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then we want to hear from YOU!



“But I’ve never presented before!”…


…then we definitely want to hear from you!



This isn’t about showcasing the same voices year in year out. It’s about getting new perspectives, new ideas, and fresh approaches that are changing the industry for the better.

This is a paid opportunity.



Now accepting proposals through 30th June.