Eating: A Dancer’s Guide to Radical Self Acceptance


With Fumi Somehara



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This presentation introduces eating and nourishment as a fundamental component of promoting radical self acceptance in dancers. 



The state of energy restriction and low energy availability can be chronic for many dancers for various reasons: unrealistic body ideals; pursuit of thinness; lack of daily fueling; discrepancy in intake vs expenditure; lack of education; lack of diverse representations; and overtraining to name a few. As a result, their bodies are physically suppressed. The health consequences of such restriction are widely known, including, but not limited to, eating disorders, body dysfunctions, and anxiety/depression.



Although mental health care and safe dance practices training are becoming increasingly available, these do not address the fundamental vulnerability of dancers: chronic energy deficiency that creates a ripple of negative mental-, physical- and social-health impacts. 



In this presentation, participants will learn how eating can be a vital component of promoting self-acceptance through its role as self-care and self-advocacy, and promoting positive emotional-, mental-, psychological-, physical-, and social health.



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Meet the Presenter


Fumi Somehara

Fumi Somehara (she/her) is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and director of DDD Centre for Recovery, a trauma-informed, fat-positive, queer-positive, and culturally-inclusive private practice dedicated to helping individuals heal their relationship with their food and body.


Fumi aims to disrupt dance by advocating for dancers’ fundamental right to eat and nourish their bodies, instead of submitting to the ‘traditional’ practices of minimising one’s body in order to be accepted. Her work has been featured in various dance magazines and webinars in Australia and internationally, and she has presented at dance conferences and workshops including IADMS, RAD and ASPAH.


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Social Media: @ddd_centre_for_recovery

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