Cultivating Critical Thinking in Dancers



Workshop Description


In a world where dancers are often told to listen and blindly comply, we need to train students to think for themselves.


This presentation by Cailtin Sloan (The Brainy Ballerina) will give dance educators actionable advice to transition from a passive to an active learning model in their classroom.


This workshop will cover:

    • how to use open-ended questions to help dancers take responsibility for their training
    • where to build in opportunities for dancers to provide constructive and detailed feedback
    • the use of guided improvisation to develop smart decision making skills
    • areas where educators tend to operate on autopilot
    • how we can change up our teaching to engage dancers’ brains


By giving dancers opportunities to be partners in their education, we cultivate not just smart dancers, but strong capable adults who are prepared for whatever career path they choose.


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Perfect for studio owners who want to get their team together for a training session, or for freelance dance educators looking for quick and accessible professional development.



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Meet the Presenter

Caitlin Sloan
Caitlin Sloan, founder & CEO of The Brainy Ballerina, is a Dance Educator and Career Mentor based in Madison, WI. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Dance from Grand Valley State University and Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management from the University of Missouri. Caitlin danced professionally with companies including Ballet Tucson and Missouri Contemporary Ballet. She served as Director of The School of Missouri Contemporary Ballet and has also been on the faculty of Central Indiana Academy of Dance and the School of Madison Ballet. Caitlin founded The Brainy Ballerina to empower aspiring dancers with the tools they need to succeed in a professional career both on and off the stage. Through 1-1 career mentorship, virtual private lessons and digital resources, dancers gain the skills necessary to build a smart and sustainable career in the dance industry.
Socials: @thebrainyballerina
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