Hi, I’m Elena

Dance is my whole life but I'm not a dancer

A little about my many roles

I’ve had some pretty crappy dance experiences in my lifetime, so while I don’t consider myself a dancer, there are many other roles that I embody with pride.

I'm a teacher

I’ve been a teacher at heart for as long as I can remember.


I used to force my younger brother to sit in the makeshift school I created in the basement of our first childhood home and make him learn… (Sorry, Alex!) 


I’ve been teaching for over 15 years, in dance studios and in tertiary settings. Right now I’m adoring teaching preschool classes.

I'm a studio owner

I’ve been running my studio, Dance Domain for almost 10 years.


My studio is my lab. It’s where all my ideas get tried, tested, broken, and rebuilt. 


We’ve gained a following for being an inclusive school with a ridiculously strong culture and tight knit community. My studio is a testament to how easy running a studio can be when you focus on professional development, inclusivity, and value-driven teaching, management and leadership.

I'm a researcher

I’ve studied dance and dance education from a sociological, gender studies, and cultural studies perspective for 15 years. 


I’ve got a BA in Sociology and Gender Studies, a Masters in Cultural Studies, with a dissertation that explores dance at the intersections of style, identity and belonging, and a PhD in the sociology of education exploring children’s dance classes.


I’m currently working on a new research project, but it’s a bit hush-hush at the moment…follow me here to be the first to know and get involved.

I'm an advocate

I’ve been a champion for equality my whole life. 


Inclusion, acceptance and belonging are at my very core.


I was blown away to be named on the Inner West Council’s 2019 International Women’s Day Honour Roll for social justice, empowerment and inclusion.


Everything I do in Disrupt Dance is underpinned by social justice.

Get To Know Me

Hmmmm… so, about me… I’m a Sydneysider (Western suburbs born and bred) with a penchant for being disruptive. I can’t help it… actually, I probably could, but that’s just me. What you see is what you get, and you’ll always know where you stand. 

I own a successful studio called Dance Domain in Sydney’s Inner West which I use as my lab. I’m surrounded by a team of f*cking incredible women who inspire me to do better every bloody day. My studio demonstrates that building an authentic and aligned community can make your business run effortlessly.

I’ve grown up with some shit experiences born at the intersections of ethnicity, class, gender, appearance, and age. But I’ve also grown up with incredible privilege. I’m the first person in my family to go to uni thanks to the massive sacrifices my parents made and I’ll be damned if I don’t use that opportunity to do better – for myself, and for the world. 


Disrupt Dance is the product of my life: my experiences, my studies, my work, my research. It crystallises my way of thinking into a whole new way of teaching and thinking about dance education.


Armed with a PhD, years of experience teaching and running a studio business, and a lifetime of seeing things a little differently, I’m here to change the dance education industry for the better. 

“Elena is the most detail oriented and genuine educators I have had the pleasure of learning from. Her approach to teaching and learning is so precise and intentional. Her workshops bring together research (that felt a bit scary to me at first), her own teaching experience, and own mission to change and challenge the way we educate young people. Elena is a clever, creative and outspoken and I’m so lucky to have had the chance to watch her work.”


Cathy Clur – Director of Speak Up Studio

I’m here to disrupt dance


I’m here to change the way you see and think about teaching dance.


I’m here to provide the dance industry with more inclusive and progressive practices.


I’m here to equip studio owners and teachers with more powerful and purposeful pedagogy.


I’m here to give you the tools to succeed, in the studio, and in business.

Conferences and Collaborations